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Wrong Size Atomizer

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I got my first plant delivery over the weekend and proceeded to get them into my new tank on Sunday. I’m pretty happy with what I got yet I am still not fully satisfied with my plant stocking and will probably add more in the next week or two. My current stock list is Java fern, Swords, Dwarf Sag., Ludwigia, Jungle Val, a couple Crypt wendtii “Bronze”, Star Grass and A. reineke mini. Everything looks good other than the Val and Crypts which seem to be melting away which is what I expected and not the problem.

The problem is I ordered the wrong size inline atomizer diffuser for my CO2 pressurized system. Right now I don’t have any CO2 in the tank. Would it be better if I just placed the outlet of the CO2 line inside the tank without any diffusion knowing that I will be losing a lot due to outgassing or just leave the CO2 off until the new atomizer arrives mid next week?

I don’t have any fish or inverts in the tank at the moment as I am currently undergoing a fishless cycle so getting a larger than normal CO2 level isn’t too much of a concern. I have a Planted Plus 24/7 LED light system set to max and controlled with a timer for 6 hours currently. I’ll be increasing the light duration slowly once the tank is settled. I have a substrate of a dirt/peat/Turface infused with Osmocote plus mix capped with the Black Diamond Blasting Sand. My plan for the first few months was to dose using Seachem’s Flourish until I learn more about dosing and possible plant deficiencies with my water.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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putting the co2 hose into the tank with no diffusion will not achieve anything, the bubbles will simply rise to the top
do you have a powerhead lying around? if so connect the co2 tubing to the airline inlet of the powerhead if it has one, if it doesnt you can position the co2 tube under/inside the water intake of the powerhead so that the co2 gets sucked and crushed inside by the impeller
putting the co2 hose into the tank with no diffusion will not achieve anything, the bubbles will simply rise to the top
I agree that simply placing the co2 output in the tank is pretty much worthless. But you can make it work. Lots of people stuff a piece of cotton (clean cigarette filter?) or a wooden chopstick into the end of the co2 line and use that as a diffuser. Should work fine.
Thank you guys for responding that's exactly what I was looking for. I believe I have small HydorFlo I can use to try to help diffuse the CO2 until next week.

Thanks again!
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