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Wrong Bulbs?

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I normally buy bulbs from AH supply but recently bought some from the LFS... The old bulbs were about 1 year old, 6500k and a 10,000k. The bulbs i bought were marked as 65k and one was marked 65k/blue actinic. I know the 50/50 is for marine but didnt think it would cause any problems. Well for about a week everything was growing great... then bam BG algae, treated it with some of my leftover antibiotics, After 6 daily doses it was gone. Now i am starting to form some crusty algae on my crypts... it's not green spot algae.. other plants are just melting away.

Water is 76-80F
PH is held at 6.5

Would this all be a result of the 50/50 bulb? I just ordered new bulbs from AH Supply hoping it will resolve all of my issues.

2x96w over 46gallon for year i have never had many issues.. some algae problem here and there but always manageable.

Normally dosed PMDD daily but have stopped all ferts..
HP CO2 via PlantGuild Reactor
SMS 122 PH Controller.
Lights 10 hours on 14 off.

Please advise...
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I doubt the 50/50 is the issue, I would expect that it is more likely a large increase in the par on the tank and something is out of balance. After a year, it is likely that your old bulbs had lost a significant amount of their brightness, then you switched to brand new bulbs and didn't change anything else. I would bet the change through your tank out of balance. I would cut back on your photoperiod, something like 7 hours and slowly work back up as you adjust your ferts and CO2.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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