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WPG help

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I have a 60 gallon tank and need moderate lighting. Which would be appx 120 watts, correct? I already have the thingy for the lights, I only need the actual lights. I need 36" lights, and can only fit 2, but all the lights I am finding are only 30 watts. Obviously with two that is only 60 watts. My tank is not super deep though, and I really only have room for 2, MAYBE 3 if i bought a whole new setup for the lights. I just need some ideas or some help w/ buying lights? am I not understanding something? TIA!!!
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You are trying to use normal output flourescent lights. You should look into different lighting types. Compact flourescent, or high output flourescent would be good options.
Thank you very much. I am obviously VERY new to trying to have a planted tank. :)
For light levels, I tend to think in terms of linear normal output T8 tubes across the top of a tank that isn't too deep or wide. 1 tube is low light. 2 tubes is medium. 3 tubes is medium high. 4 tubes is high light. This is a rough estimate. WPG is also another rough estimate. Neither one of these approximations is an absolute rule.

I have racks of tanks, so I tend to use T8 tubes because they are very cheap to replace and are pretty efficient in the light they send out per watt. If you have just one tank, worrying about efficiency isn't as big a deal.

One thought is that a 60 gallon tank is around 4 feet long, so it seems strange to be using 36 inch lights. (I get really upset at vendors when they have a tube set in the middle of a much longer housing :lol)
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