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WOW, new lights!!

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I've been injecting co2 for a couple months, recently upgraded to a full pressurized system. Not really been injecting any more than I was with the DIY yeast setup since I was still using the old low light set up. A couple of minutes ago I did a quick mock setup of the 2 x 36 light kit I got from AH Supply. Literally within 2 MINUTES of turning on the lights, all my java ferns started blowing fine streams of bubbles! I'm not talking about a couple little blips, a stream of fine bubbles all the way to the top of the tank. I'm in the process of building my inline co2 diffuser so I'm still running the Red Sea 500 and the canister filter is off during the day. I haven't noticed any of the other plants doing it yet, but I have to say that watching the java ferns start gassing that quick and with that much volume is really rewarding. I'll have the inline diffuser ready in about a half hour and I'll hook it all up. It's all coming together at last...Now to start getting my hands on something besides java moss, java ferns and the milfoil.
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If it is a steady stream of fine bubbles, then it likely is not real pearling.

Damage to the leaves of the plant will show the streaming pattern of bubbles that you observed.
That is called streaming, it happens when a leave or stem or part of the plant is damaged in a highly oxygenated tank. Later today, look at the underside of the leaves, you will probably see tiny little bubbles holding on the leaves (PEARLING!)
Turning a filter off during the day is like asking for it to kill bacteria and your fish. I'd never turn off a filter every day.
Way to burst the OP's bubble. (ba-dum-CHEE)

You'll REALLY notice some badass pearling when you do a water change too!!!!! ;)
so how come it only does it when I turn the 36 watt bulbs on?
I'm not so sure that wasn't real pearling. He did nothing to damage the leaves by just installing a new light. What it sounds to me like is very high light intensity, where really good CO2 is essential to avoid lots of algae. What is the tank size?
Hey Hoppy, it's the 29 gallon you advised me to install with the lights 6" above the surface. I set them on top of the glass lid prior to the housing construction to see where the best placement inside the housing would be, both centered, staggered with one closer to each side or whatever. Like I said, the bubbles appear within a few minutes of the lights coming on and they go off with the light. I put the original lights back on top and turned them on and did not see the bubbles appear then put the 36 watt bulbs back on top and presto, bubbles. I'm too inexperienced here to say for sure one way or the other, but it seems like if it was plant damage venting bubbles, it wouldn't matter which lights were on and it most definitely only works with the high light bulbs. Thanks to everyone for responding, it's all info to me at this point.
It is strange that a plant would begin to pearl/stop pearling that quickly upon turning on/off your new lights (within a few minutes?).
Sometimes you get streaming from pearling when the bubbles run up the underside of a leaf and come off the tip. Usually, they stick to the plants, but in my experience, java ferns pearl alot more than most plants, especially under high light.

Don't get discouraged OP. You're doing things the right way by hooking up your CO2 before going to high lighting. I imagine you'll have lots of success and love the new growth types and speed you get with your new lights and co2. Just remember to increase CO2 slowly (over several days/weeks) so you don't harm the fauna.
my plants seem to kick on in about that same time. with really high light and co2 my plants stream even from undamaged leafs/ rhiazom. i can shut off my light and then turn it back on and its like a switch for some plants thats what i have noticed at least.
Why wouldn't it happen fast? Light is what drives the plant growth, and plant growth is what causes it to produce oxygen too fast for it to dissolve in the water. I think I would expect streaming to occur within minutes, as long as there are enough nutrients available for the plant to start growing.
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