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would you recommend an Eheim 2028?

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I'm looking at purchasing a used Eheim 2028 in good working order. Are these recommended? The price is very reasonable but I don't want to purchase something I won't be happy with. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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I had a 2026 that I just sold. The thing rocked. Massive bio-filtration in the thing and could go months without being cleaned.
I bought my 2028 used. It's running on a 60P. Great filter. Massive capacity. I would have been hard pressed to pay MSRP, but it's a solid filter that I would not hesitate to buy used. See if he won't let you fill it up and run it to do a leak check and pay attention to the seal around the primer button.
Never met an Eheim I didn't like :p

Well built, silent, well built, silent.
I don't think you will find much people with bad things to say about an eheim. I've owned a few new and used and have had no issues with performance.
Awesome! I'm going to look at it tomorrow. Hope its all in good order cause I would love to have one especially with how good everyone says they are!
I like all kinds of Eheim external filters - they're quiet, durable, filters very well, easy to clean or set up.
Awesome! I'm going to look at it tomorrow. Hope its all in good order cause I would love to have one especially with how good everyone says they are!
I haven't had any experience with 2028, but I think you will be happy with Eheim filters. I started out with 2215 and now I own 4 of them (3x 2217 and 1x 2215).

They are dead silent, easy maintenace , and reliable ..... :eek: Give us some inputs on 2028 when you use it...
:eek: Give us some inputs on 2028 when you use it...
It takes a lot of room inside the aquarium stand and very heavy to move for maintenance/cleaning.
just picked up the Eheim. Guy got it running for me so I checked for leaks and everything looked good. The only downside was that it came without any of the tubing. So my question is, what would you recommend for setting up a return system? i know it originally came with a spray bar of some sort. Should I try to set up a spray bar or something similar or go a different route?
And for the record, I like DIY projects so I am willing to build or put together something if I need to :)
Did you also get the green Eheim hose with it? If you did, just take the hose to the home improvement store to match up some 1/2" CPVC pipe/fittings as they may work just fine.

You will also probably need some adaptors to transition from hose barb to CPVC, either threaded or solvent weld.
i had a 2028 that ran for 8 years without any parts failures, sold it when i tore the tank down for a move

great filter!
It didn't come with any hoses... but being proactive and always trying to engineer something, I ran down to home depot and after about 15mins of work had this:

Intake and spray bar for under $15 :) I'm going to add a sponge filter to the intake. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out though!
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I don't recommend just shoving the vinyl hose into the PVC as it is a recipe for disaster. Buy the appropriate barbed hose fittings x PVC.
That's a great idea that didn't cross my mind. I did silicone the hoses in, but the hose fittings will be a much better idea. Back to Home Depot! Thanks Dee
Ok... here's the finished product done right! I even have some hose clamps to be absolutely sure no hoses come loose!

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Better! Hose clamps are good insurance also. I prefer to use the plastic barbed fittings but if that is all that is available, it should work.

Do you remember what the metal content was on those fittings?
I looked for the nylon ones but they didn't have the correct size. Pretty sure they are brass fittings... is that a problem for aquariums?
I have just seen people not recommend metallic fittings for aquarium depending on the tank inhabitants.
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