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Right now I have a 29 gal. It's 30" long by 18" high and 12" deep. It's a low tech tank:

-eco complete substrate
-no CO2, was dosing with excel but not really at the moment
-T5 NO 30" 6,700K x 2 18watt bulbs coralife fixture
-HOB aquaclear filter
-3 madagascar rainbows, 3 amano shrimp, 1 very small dwarf gourami
-drift wood, tons and tons of anubias nana petite, one regular size anubias, some very slowly dying marsilea minuta, and I think it's bacopa carolina. I would like to have more plants but they don't survive in my tank
-hard water (not the calcium kind), I live on 18" of farm loam in the granite state, pH is 7.6

I'm thinking I would like to start over. I think I would like to mix my substrate a bit like Hoppy has suggested in another thread (or do I not need to do this with eco-complete?). And I was also thinking that I really should at least have a 29gal Long tank for my rainbows. They're still small now and they aren't growing very fast but still. I think the 29gal longs are 36" long, 12" deep and 12" high I think.

But I just bought two replacement bulbs for my light and so I could either just wait a yeah until I need new bulbs again or ask you guys the following question: would it be possible for me to use my light fixture (at least until it's time to get new bulbs and then I was thinking to upgrade to LED because I hate the $ for bulbs and also the waste of throwing bulbs out) and jerry rig it somehow to be not too much light and not too little light for a 30 gal long? The light is 30" long and the long tank would be 36" so it wouldn't quite reach across. And it's a shorter distance to the substrate so I imagine I'd have to hang it above the tank?

Or should I just wait a year and then think about getting a new tank and upgrade to LEDs?
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