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Would this function effectively

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Just a quick one guys, recently had a heater get stuck and cook one of my planted tanks, thankfully no fish were inside. in the process it warped my filter pipes so im replacing i was maybe going to DIY to make it abit cheaper my idea

was to use some pvc pipe,
drill some holes in it,
cap the bottom,
slip a pre filter over it

TL,DR: Will this work
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Wow, how hot did it get to melt you pipes? Looks like the PVC will work just fine.
If you have a miter box you can carefully cut slots part way down on one side and turn it over and re cut the same on top. Using holes causes clogged sponges because it concentrates the flow to one small spot. But if you are using a sponge over the pipe
I guess you could use a large drill bit. Like perhaps 5/16".
If you cut slots just don't cut all the way to the middle.
As long as the sponge covers it yoiu can't have too many holes, but you can have too few to get good flow.
Make sure that the inside diameter of the new one is as large as the old one.
Hopefully your new heater is plugged into a controller now. One of the only ways to protect against stuck heaters.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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