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Would like to rehome some fish

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Free to good tanks!

I have one remaining male long-finned rosey barb. He's attempting to school with the SAE and I don't want to replace the rest of the school.

1 SAE. She(?) is to the point of being a bit and crazy for my tank. She's spastic a nervous crazy idiot. And, I caught her attempting to suck on the fins of the rosey. Anybody need an SAE for a more aggressive tank?

I can get and post photos tonight when I get home. Just wanted interested CO peeps to see this. I am located in South Lakewood/Golden/Morrison area, but I am willing to meet up somewhere a reasonable distance. :smile:
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I can take the SAE. Got the perfect tank for it.
So, the SAE went to a great new home. Thanks ShyShrimpDoc! Anyone want to rehome a gorgeous rosey barb?
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