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ADA and Carbon: Liquids or Must I have a CO2 System?
Do I need a Co2 syatem or can I just use bottled stuff? I'm planning to do a 5g planted betta tank. I will probably do a biotope (or as close as I can get) so I'm planning to use giant hygrophilia (is it too large? I may use a smaller substitute.) and blyxa japonica (bamboo). As of now, I'm thinking of buying the Ecoxotic Pico tank (EcoPico)

I'm leaning towards ADA Malaya to keep it as authentic as possible, but the Amazonia seems to grow plants more lushly. Or maybe Eco-Complete or Red Flourite. I hear the bamboo needs a lot of iron. Would that make a difference?

So, do I need a CO2 system or will dosing work? If so, with what?

How much lighting would I need for those plants for a 5g tank> The tanks I'm looking at had LED lights, but if not that I plan to use CF.

If the Aquasoil is unnecessary for this tank, can these plants live in regular gravel? If so, how to fertilize them and give them carbon? Is this much even necessary?

What about fertilizers for these plants?

Thanks y'all!
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