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Would amanos be fine with this stock?

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I know they're a bit larger than the typical dwarf shrimp, and I kinda doubt they'd be actually eaten, but want to make sure that they at least wouldn't be harassed.

Current stock includes espeis, pencilfish, pygmy corys, otos, and a couple of peacock gudgeons. I'm most worried about the gudgeons, although they're probably only about 2" (TL) right now. Tried some quick Googling but I couldn't find anything conclusive. Thanks in advance!
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I have an amano in 2 different Giant betta tanks, only 1 in each because I wasn't sure if they would get eaten but so far they have lived successfully for 6+ months without getting eaten. The Giants are anywhere from 2 1/2 inches to 4 inches long, I can go for weeks without seeing the shrimp and then they peek their head out to reassure me they are still alive every now and then, usually just when I've decided they did in fact become a snack.

Also dwarf african frogs don't seem to mind the amano either, 5 in one tank and they ignore the shrimp for the most part.
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