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worms tearing up my substrate. please help!

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I have a planted shrimp tank with top soil covered with black flourite as the substrate. Little mounds of dirt started appearing that had a hole in the middle (like a mini volcano). I started to notice that worms appear to be the reason. I need help identifying them and im looking for suggestions to get rid of them. Picture to follow shortly.

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They are reddish/clearish and will swirl around when they come out of their hole.
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Oh wow! havent seen those before! Have seen detrius worms but not something that size! I am intrigued~
That is a java fern leaf in the pic. I would guess the part of the worm that is exposed is about 1/2 inch. I've never seen an entire worm out of the ground so I dont truly know how big they are.

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I took a second look and they are smaller than that if it makes a difference.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Thanks for the reply! looks like they are tubifex.

Now I can research killing them and not my shrimp. Any suggestions anyone has while im looking into it is much appreciated.

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If it was a large tank, pretty sure clown loaches would hunt those buggers down!
But its a shrimp tank lol

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Which is why I said 'if' ... I was intending to stir up some ideas on a biological solution i.e. bringing in a fish. (Not a clown loach :p)
Its a 40g. It is big for shrimp. One of my ideas is to move the shrimp to another tank I have set up and put fish in the 40g to let them eat the worms.

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Loaches might get it done. Hope it works out for you!
I have a few tubifex worms in my 20g planted, I've had them on other tanks as well.

I think they're great. Free fish food, shrimp may eat them. They won't tear up the substrate, but they will aerate it. I love the little guys. Plus, they feed on detritus / siphon the water. They're good guys.
What about cories? Mine got along fine with my shrimp.
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