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Worm ID

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I've been trying to get rid of these worms this week in a shrimp tank.

I tried Planaria Zero, and after Tuesday day I've not seen a living snail in the tank, but these worms are still around. So i dunno what they are.

Pics aren't great, phone has a hard time finding the thing to focus on.

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Rhabdocoela. A harmless flatworm, not the same as planaria.
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planaria? but its not red.. could you possibly take a closer pic or no? That's what I have in my tank and people told me it was planaria.
Young planaria can look like that... but Planaria Zero kills planaria.... it does nothing to harmless flatworms. I agree with Waterlife.

You can try sucking them out, squishing them, or adding fish to the tank that would eat them... and potentially shrimps, too.
Well I did see a red worm in my moss yesterday, which I removed immediately with a turkey baster. I was sorta looking for something tho, cuz just before I found him I saw a fry suddenly drop from the moss and it was twitching and unable to hold itself up or swim around with control. The fry looked a week old or so as it had some color. I didn't take a photo of the worm yesterday, but it didn't look quite like any photos I'd seen of planaria, about 2mm long skinny 'kinda' reminds me of bloodworms but smaller.

Unfortunately the tank is far too small for any kind of fish.
Could have been small blood worm or a tubifex worm.
What is that bug in my Aquarium? .:. Various small creatures that can inhabit a Freshwater Invertebrate Aquarium

I've heard of some people using baby guppies, since they are less likely to eat shrimp than adults.
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