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Working on a DIY Co2 drop checker using baby bottle

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So the past few days I've been worried about Co2 levels in my new 55g, and was trying to find a cheap solution where i could just use stuff i already have for the aquarium or laying around the house.
Digging through the cupboards i noticed an old baby bottle so lets begin.

Inverted the nipple and using Loctite Gel I superglued it to the bottle.

Cut off just the very top of the nipple. This is where the Co2 from the aquarium will enter the testing chamber.

Now i should just need to work on the solution. I previously picked up some distilled water from the store. I'm going to do some research on how to do this.
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The right principle for design is there, but as mentioned, I would be a little worried about using just one suction cup to hold the drop checker in place. You may find yourself using a lot of 4 dkH reference solution and bromothymol blue to get the liquid visible past the opaque lid.

It might be a little big as well (I wouldn't want to put that into my nano aquarium ;))

Finally, people might ask about that upside down Mickey Mouse :D
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