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Work.......Sacred lotus blooming!!

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Ok, took my camera to work friday and snapped some pics of the lotus and lillies flowering.

Now, these pics almost cost me 300$, i dropped my camera in the water, luckily, i got it out in time and it dried. works fine now.

here's our website-

all the lilles featured in the pics are tropicals, we have, by far, more hardies than tropicals, i just like the trops better.

anyways, here are some pics of my favorite plant (ok, so i have a slight obsession)......the sacred Lotus...(Nelumbo nucifera)

Purple capensis lilly....(Nymphaea sp.)

Blue lilly (star of siam or leopardess?)(Nymphaea caerulea?)

Pads of evelyn randig.
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Devin, those are gorgeous! What a fun place that must be to work. Glad your camera survived your butter fingers. ;)
Nice dufus.

Just checking up that you got the lily I sent?

~ Joel
Boz: thanks, the lens is still abit cloudy, i need to get it cleaned.

Mac: yep, got it in fine condition, the big leaf was melted, but it looks good, it went to my pond, as an experiment, it's growing very well.

it will come inside at the first threat of frost, so it will survive.
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That lotus is gorgeous! Is that Mrs. Perry Slocum? If not, what is it? I like that one. The pink is deep and bright. Love those tropical lilies, too. I only have one so far ~ Zanzibar ~ a nice purple color.

Have you seen this site? Victoria Adventure. LOTS of drool-worthy eye candy there ~ tropical lilies, giant amazon lilies and lotus. I got some seeds from them for one of those Victoria lilies ~ was going to put it in my earth bottomed stock pond ~ but I wasn't able to get them past sprouting. :( One of these days I'll try again. I'd LOVE to have one of those giants! What a cool picture to have the grandkids standing on it, one on each leaf.

Here's a pic of the ones I started from seed, the ones I mentioned on the other thread, at dusk with the camera flash reflecting off the leaves: Lotus at dusk. (I used to belong to that gardening site years ago and my username was Wingnut back then ~ family nickname for me.)
Ive started some from seed too, they're healthy.

we sold on of my babies today(50$) :(

Yep, victoria lillies are an awesome one.

if you're serious, drop by next time you're in SA, we can order a victoria, it won't be huge, but it will be a plant. it may be kind 'spensive though.
I need to get down there and check y'all's place out. You have my dream job, you know. ;) I'm serious about the Victoria lily, but don't think I'm ready for it at the moment. Gotta' dig the bigger pond first. The pond I was going to put it in will be going through a re-do as well (making it bigger), so I'd better wait. If I can't start one trying from seed for a second time, I just might hit y'all up for finding me one.
Ok, well just stop by and ask, my boss said you'd probally have to pay in advance though, because if you were to not want it, we wouldn't have anywhere for it!!!

I just brought home 3 hardy yellow seed pods, time to start 'em!
I'll keep that in mind.

Hardy yellows ~ lilies? Awesome. :) I've never seen lily seeds, not yet.
Well, i think there are only a few fertile species, the yellows we have are the only ones that make full pods, the rest rot away.
Interesting ~ I didn't know that, but it makes sense when coupled with what I've seen in my own ponds. Do you know the name of the yellow ones y'all have? I'm not really interested in getting one, just curious, so no biggie if you don't.
we have a few, i think the fertile ones are joey tomocik. we also have chromatellas, sioux[changeable i think], and sulpheurae.
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