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Wool for Filtration material

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Hey guys ,

I have a 60 l planted running for 2 months now . On the back I use substract pro some eheim sponges and some filter wool.

The problem is that I have a bit high nitrate arround 50ppm, while I do 50% weekly water change,feed sparingly and have a few plants in .....

Each time I take filter wool out is brown and I believe there are decaying materials in there that raise the nitrate. Should I completely remove it from my aquarium ?
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I replace my filter fiber once it is brown. I buy the Acurel stuff that is loose, so I can pack it into the filter as much as I need to.
A lot of people buy polyester quilt batting in bulk and use that. It's exactly what is sold as filter floss but far cheaper. Change it often. If you want to reduce nitrates between water changes, plant more plants. Fast growing stem plants or floating plants work well.
I see .... I should get some Hydrophilia in there ...the truth is that I dont have fast growing plants , except the pothos I got 2 weeks ago and sunk the roots in the aquarium .....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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