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Woohoo, baby plecos....

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Woke up the other morning & saw about 15 of these guys in the tank......

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Awesome! Very pretty fish, props to you for breeding plecos I know nothing about it
Same here. At one point I was going to start researching on breeding them so I wouldn't have to buy them. My lfs got way too many of them so they have been on sale for a dollar each for the past month or so.
I once woke up to find same thing .
I placed some zucchinni cut length way's in the bottom of the tank and it was swarmed on by nearly fifty of the little bugger's.(alway's some on it,all day long)
They looked like hog's lined up at the trough.
Couple week's later,, more.Finally had to seperate the two adult's and had a heck of a time catching the babies to trade for store credit.
That baby is at least 3 weeks old FYI. Also, all BN plecos need to breed is a decent diet and a cave to spawn in (hold in driftwood, PVS, clay pot, Clay pot tray upside down with a hole in the side, or a square made from siliconing slate together will all do). Have fun!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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