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Wood In Tanks

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How can I tell if wood is safe for my tanks? I picked up a nifty looking stick the other day while taking a walk, and think it would make a great addition to one of my tanks. I just don't want it to start rotting or something. As I type, it's boiling in a pot of water.

I was thinking, maybe quarantine it for a couple weeks and make sure it doesn't mess with the pH or anything.
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Where did you find the stick? Was it in a river or in water to begin with? Does it sink or float?
It was in a pile of wood behind my apt building. I think it came down with the last snow/ice storm. The piece in reference sinks (kinda). I found a couple others which float.
Well, if it was a dry/dead wood maybe you can boil the heck out of it and use it if you can get it to sink. Personally, I would go for pre-soaked driftwood. Its up to you.
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