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Woo hoo!

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My apistogramma cacatuoides laid eggs in my driftwood finally =) It's a strange sight to see when the male puts on his show and they begin to dance. I made a great DIY egg tumbler out of a gravel vacuum, just cut off the bottom and banded a pantyhose to the base. The air tubing slips perfectly through the top. Only problem is I cant vacuum the eggs from the driftwood, they are strongly attached. Gonna just hope she doesn't eat them I guess, let nature play this one out. Just thought I would share....
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Let me know if they survive. I would like to pick some up.
Let me know if they survive. I would like to pick some up.
Will keep ya in mind ;)
Bah! the male ate them.... Well a lesson learned I suppose, I guess ill have to wait till the next go round and make sure I get them out.
get another tank set up so when the time comes you can just take tupperware or whatever and just place the item that the eggs are on in it so it stay submerged then just put it in the other tank with a good flow and your fine +/- the female or cut a piece of plexi to size now and drill holes for water exchange and just seal off a small section.
Sometimes it just takes the parents a few times to get it right. I know when I use to breed them I would just let the parents have 3-5 trys on there own. If they wouldnt take care of them then I would start to remove them and rase them in a different tank. But what happened is not all that uncommon for them.
Hello Cryptocoryne --

I just stumbled across this thread. I have a mated pair pair of Apistogramma cacatuoides as well. They've been in my tank for about two months (since 1 September). While cleaning the tank the other day, I noticed some strange behaviour by the Female. She was wedged in a hole in a piece of driftwood that is home to the happy couple. Looking closer, I noticed she was furiously fanning something, the something being a bunch of freshly laid eggs.

This is my very first freshwater planted tank so I'm very new to all of this. At any rate, I guess there's not much I can do at this point accept watch and see what happens. No way I can get those eggs out of there. There are no other fish big enough to cause any harm other than the male Cockatoo, but I suspect the same end result will be as was with yours. A few more days and I'll know.

I've attached a not very good picture of the nest and one better one of the happy couple.



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Amazing! I have babies -- a whole bunch of them. A few days ago I made a cave on the other end of the tank for her to use the next time. Well, she must have carried them all over to it shortly after they hatched. It's kind of neat to watch. They're all swimming around just outside the entrance and she keeps mouthing them and spitting them back out inside the cave. And good luck to anything that gets even close to the cave. Boy, does she go after it. I guess I'll try to siphon the fry out and put them in a grow out tank because I don't think they'll last very long otherwise. Mama can only do so much to protect them.

Sorry, didn't mean to hijack your thread, but this is kind of exciting for a newbie...
Great news Danchyk. Looking forward to the future of those little guys.
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