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1st post, thx in advance!
I've had tanks for 8 years, just getting into Co2 injection. I used to live in Louisiana, which had great water parameters, and I had amazing plant growth without using CO2. Now living elsewhere with poor water quality I have tried everything to get good plant growth, all failing. Here's my setup:
75 gallon/ community fish
Eco-complete substrate
Matrix bio filtration medis/Purigen in filter
2 Rena Filstar XP canister filters w 2 vertical spray bars & 10" bubble wand
RO water + minerals (equilibrium, acid buffer, akaline buffer)
Fennix 24/7[censored]v2 LED - w 49 PAR @ 21" deep. (On its 24 hr set program)
Co2 Art - 2 stage co2 injection, tank on 50psi & w intank diffuser
EI Niloc G ferts (dosed[censored]alternating days macro/micro)
50% wtaer changes every 2 weeks
Ok. Just added the Co2 a month ago, I have improved plant growth, but BBA has gone crazy. The plant growth is very leggy, not dense and there are no reddish hues. This seems like my CO2 levels are too low, right? My ph is 6.4, KH is 1, but my drop checker fluid is yellowish green, suggesting I have too much CO2. I don't know which way to go. My ph/kh seem very low but my fish for not seem stressed. I don't know which way to go! Less lights, more co2, add more acid/akaline buffer to water to raise pH?
I'm lost. I'd appreciate any help/advise. Thanks again
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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