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WNCAS April meeting - Shrimp Bowls!

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Join us this Thursday, April 17th for our monthly meeting.

This month's meeting will be a demonstration set up of a "Shrimp Bowl" by John Kinley. This is great way to grow aquatic plants in a micro environment and house shrimp too!

Meetings run from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. on the third Thursday of every month in the Aquarium and Planetarium Building at the Catawba Science Center, located at 243 3rd Ave. NE in Hickory, NC 28603. Both freshwater and saltwater aquarium enthusiasts are welcome.

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For sale:

Sawbwa resplendens "Asian rummy nose Rasbora"
Note: This is an active, fast swimming fish Check photos on GOOGLE
$6 for young adult pair
$4 for single males

Pseduomugil sp Iriani River sp Timika "Irian River Red Neon Rainbow"
$15 for young adult pair (one available)
$4 for single males

Corydoras hastatus
3 for $10 5 for $15

Lou Sandberg

Plant Trimmings
ludwigia arcuata x repens
hygrophila pinnatifida
Hottonia palustris
Java moss

Make me an offer at the meeting!
Doug Clark

Please send a private message to the club on facebook if you would like to contact either seller. Lou will need to be contacted by Wednesday so he has time to bag fish before making the trip from the Asheville area.
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