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I want to try something out:

I got lots of HC with some nasty algee (staghorn and BBA).
I got my 2.1 gal nano, with sand (+Florapol) a mosswall, filter, DIY-Co2, 20W of 6500K. All plants i tried thrived in this tank... growth was 1-1½" a day for Rotala Rotundifolia, with only 6 hours of light. And the HC is also thriving real good - only problem was the algee, that gave me hell.

My plan is to cover the sand completely with HC and go with the EI. The only plants in the tank would be the HC and the mosswall (Vesicularia dubyana)

Could it work or will it be algee-soup?

Any suggestions on dosing? (CO2 is 1 bubble a [email protected])
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