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With Co2 do I need other fertz

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I've had my 29gal tank for almost a year now and it is growing like crazy. I have an inch of miracle grow organic potting soil capped with a couple inches of eco-complete and black flourite. I've had 1-1.5 bubbles per second Co2 going for most of the time. It's a 30'' tank and lit with two 65w compact flourescents.

I'm setting up a new tank with just a layer of MGOPS and an inch or so of flurite. I'd like a thick carpet of hair grass, glosso, or HC. it's a 90gal tank about 25'' deep lit by 2x54w T5's and 64w of high output reef LED's.

Should I use anything other than Co2 in this new tank?
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i have just started using dry ferts with co 2, i think this is a good idea
You might be able to get away without using ferts for a while with a dirted substrate, but you eventually will be wanting to add things.

By the way, I'm not so sure that reef lighting would be good for a planted tank. Wouldn't it be giving off the wrong kind of light?
the 2 x 54 watt t5's will grow plants just fine. "MAYBE" a little slow but it will carpet u just fine..
leave the reef lighting off. its a lot of BLUE.. and will likely be prone to some opportunistic algae.. plants will use some of it but its likely to cause more problems than good

i personally always suggest dosing the water column with ferts, no matter what substrate u have. but dirt will grow plants just fine without supplemental dosing for about 6 months to a year depending on ur growth rate
Thanks guys. A little mixed reviews but it does look like most are in agreement that some additional fertalization is needed for long term success.

One thing though... I was looking through one of Amano's books from the 90's and all the tanks that he had and were packed with lush plants were grown with only Co2.
Yeah not true.. u cant survive off just water?
U gotta have food as well

Plants need nutrients or food to survive. Even if the water wasnt fertilized. The subsrate would have been rich in nutrients
I would grab a full complement of dry fertilizers from some where, namely potassium nitrate(kno3), potassium phosphate(kh2po4), potassium sulfate(k2so4), and csm+b/millers microplex(trace minerals). Maybe iron too if you want it. Look at EI dosing in the fertilizer subforum. :)
I would second the notion to buy dry ferts

Thanks for the replies. I found an awesome source for dwarf hair grass on the banks of the Arkansas river and I want to make sure that if I lay down a huge carpet of it in the new tank I'll be off to the best start.

I'm sure I'll get this with further reading but I'm still a little fuzzy on what micro/macro nutrients might be in my tap water that I do changes with and how that should effect my dosing as well as what my co2 demands are dependent on and if those demands are changed with the adding of ferts.

Here is a great link I was given by one of the many aquarium gurus on this site. It does a good job telling you how to use dry fert. Also it has good link to other types of fertilizer too if you don't want to mess around with dry stuff.
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