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Wasserpest is correct in suggesting bridging the sockets.
Most modern sockets are already bridged (a wire connecting both pins on the socket).

One blue wire should connect to both pins on one end of one lamp. The other blue wire should connect to both pins on the same end of the second lamp. The red wire should connect to both pins on both lamps at the other end. And the ground wire which isn't shown, should connect to the metal of the ballast or the metal of the light fixture.

Presuming your light fixture came with a properly rated ballast, your tubes are at the high end for that ballast. What "I" would do is boost the output by replacing the ballast with one rated for two 32 watt tubes. That's over driving. I can attest to the fact that it will be brighter. Bulb life will be shorter, but I can't tell you how much as that depends on the bulb quality.

Or, take the whole thing back to Lowes and order a good two tube T5 HO light fixture and good bulbs. Based on past posts, Catalina is the low end of decent fixtures. Skip eBay and the cheapish fixtures. Some of those are -not- worth the money.
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