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Wireform Moss Sculptures?

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Starting a new 10 gallon moss tank but I wanted something unique to go with my future moss wall.

I was in the craft store today and saw some wireform while looking at the plastic mesh. It had large enough grids and was made out of 100% aluminum.

Anyone ever use wireform or wiremesh in their tanks?

My plan was to take 2 sheets, place them over a rock that I like the shape of, form them to the rock, then place the moss between the two sheets.

Hopefully this will give me a custom moss rock.

Any suggestions or ideas or experiences with this material?
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never used them myself, but you'll likely have to figure out a way to keep them from floating....
Yeah, I figured I could dig them into the substrate, and since they would be "hallow" inside, maybe just tie a small rock.
Honestly, I don't think I've heard anyone try it before....maybe you should try it out and post your expereinces ;)
Would be curious to see how aluminum would do long term sub aqua ?? I know it does not usually oxidize until taken out, but if you were dosing ferts, maybe this would "rot" the aluminum??

The reason for my concern is I had Fissidens on SS mesh in a tank W/ flourite & it just melted over a time!!.... Maybe it was the substrate??

I know plastic would be a safe bet, but you would not be able to do the "sculpting" W/ the plastic that you could do W/ the Aluminum.
I have a really unique shaped rock that is very hard, and I would like to duplicate it several times, which is why I am interested in this method.

Here is what it looks like:
The one thing about moss is that it is furry- so you will always loose some of the detail of the shape once it grows in. IME, once a rock is covered with moss- they all look the same. It may be more trouble than it is worth.
Good point.

I probably would lose any of the details of the rocks.

I think I'll try the ol' hairnet around the rock trick.
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