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Hey my fellow Winnipegers!
Out of the three options...
-Into The Blue
-Winnipeg Fish Gallery
-Nestors Aquarium and Pets
Which do you shop at most frequntley?
I shop at into the blue the most because its a 5 minute drive from where I live, there tanks are clean, and they have great customer service you can also tell that they care about the fish and livestock before the money. The only downside is that they specialize in saltwater. But they still have a fair selection of Freshwater Fish and Plants, and for the most part they are decently priced.
I shop a nestors every now and again when I need scaping supplies, Plants, Planted tank supplies, or when I am setting up a new tank etc.There fish in my opinion are WAY over priced. For example Neon Tetras at nestors is $6!!! where as at into the blue its like $3! The angelfish (my favorite fish) at nestors is $30 where at Into The blue is $10. They also keep up bettas in cups at nestors where at into the blue they keep them in ACTUAL aquariums
Fish Gallery is always coverd in algae sometimes I can hardly see the fish.
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