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Window Tint background?

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First off let me say I have done a search on this topic here using the search function and also just googling on the web.

I want to know if anybody has had any luck applying window tint to the back of an up-and-running tank.

My tank is rimless, about 25" long and 18" high, and about 7" from the wall so I think I can reach everything back there just fine. What I am worried about is that in my experience with any kind of application of film on glass, a good deal of soapy water is used and i would be afraid of getting soapy water in the tank. I also read some folks use vegetable oil instead of soapy water, but I don't want any of that getting in my tank either.

So has anybody ever applied a window film tint to their tank after it was filled and running? And if so....what is the trick and what do you want to look out for?

Should I just try painting with a foam brush instead?

Thanks !
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just put a tight layer of plastic wrap or cling wrap on the top of the tank first
I painted my tank full.. well it's a 5.5 g on my kitchen counter.. slid it over, painted 3 coats about 24 hours apart.. "navy blue" latex.
+1 for a tight layer of plastic wrap to cover the open top

just put a tight layer of plastic wrap or cling wrap on the top of the tank first
I use static cling window tint. Works well and can always be removed. I've put it on dry, and sometimes you get bubbles. In that case, I use distilled water sprayed on the glass and push out bubbles with a window squeegee. It's possible to push out small bubbles dry, but much easier if the glass is wet.
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