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Hey everyone this is my very first post here as a long-time lurker, happy to be here :)

I’ve joined this forum to see if I can catch some insight as to what’s going on with my apongeton ulvaceus plants. They’ve been beautiful and vibrant during the little time I’ve had it (2 months). Recently, the leaves have started drooping really bad on one of my plants. I noticed it was getting a bit out of control and started trimming some of the old leaves with holes and rips. I did notice that quite a few leaves had the signature deficiency holes.
The plant continues to look worst and droop down even after the trimming. I’ve only had it for about 2 months, I don’t think it’s going dormant.

I fertilize with Nicolcg Thrive twice a week, first time the full dose and the second time half the dose (to control nitrates).
My light is a Hygger programmable LED 30 in. 48 w, 2365 lumens. I recently upgraded from the 24 in Hygger light to this one to remove the shadow spots on the sides, maybe that’s got something to do with it?
The tank has ADA aquasoil as the substrate and I give the plants the supplement pellets that comes with the aquasoil every so often to help the plants. I haven’t done that lately and threw a few in recently around the plant to see if it helps perk it up.

Attached is a pic of the tank, the plants in question are the ones on the back far left and far right. The right one grew way taller and leggier than the left one before it used to be in the shadow spot of the old light, it’s also showing the holes of the plant on the right.

I’m also attaching a picture of how it used to look like for comparison.

What should I do? Does it need to be fertilized more? Does drooping signify a particular deficiency?

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