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will this work?

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Hey guys, I've been doing a lot research on here and I'm trying to figure out the best lighting for my 125 gallon high aquarium, it is 28 inches tall and around 60 inches wide. Will these lights work for my needs :

My concerns are:
This will be in a discus tank and I don't want to blast my fish with too much light. They have been in a bare bottom tank for quite some time with low light.

I plan on using DIY canopy over my aquarium can these be mounted over my aquarium under a canopy?
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Those lights will work for your tank, but they will do better if you mount them so you can raise them a few inches. With all 4 bulbs on, and the light sitting on top of the tank, you should get around 120 micrmols of PAR, which is high light intensity. Raising them about 6 inches should drop that to around 80 micromols, which is at the low end of high light intensity. In either case you need to use pressurized CO2, follow very good tank maintenance and hygiene procedures, prune the plants at least weekly, make sure you have very good water circulation in the tank, all over the tank, and use a good efficient method for diffusing the CO2 into the tank water.

If you only run two of the bulbs you should get about half that much PAR, which puts you in the medium light region, where CO2 is very desirable, but not quite so critical, and the plants would grow slow enough for you to relax and enjoy the aquarium more.
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imo thats alot of light if you could get just 2 bulbs instead of the 4 bulb set up if you did purchase it you could just run 2 of the 4 bulbs and do a noon burst with the other 2 just make sure you get the 6700k or 10,000k bulbs also you would be able to mount it under a diy fixture

edit; lol hoppy ninja'd me ,his answer is better
Thanks alot guys for the advice, I will look into maybe finding a fixture that is similar with only two lights. I do plan on running pressurized C02, I already have a setup from a previous tank.
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