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will this work? Fabco Needle valve

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Can I use this to connect a Fabco NV-55? I prefer this to the larger NV-55-18. I figured I could attach one to each port.[/url]
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Yes, but if your hanging this off a regulator it's not going to be a strong connection since the 10-32 is so small. I'd suggest just getting a pair of 10-32 hose barbs and running the needle valve inline.
I was afraid that would be the answer..I rather have the regulator in one piece vs having to find a way to mount the needle valve to my stand somewhere. I'll just go with big one.
I would stick with the smaller but that's just me. For mounting it, I find a plastic tie -wrap of the type that has a screw hole in the end is super quick and easy since the needle valve can be used mounted any side up.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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