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looks like there are about 36 LED lights. Likely less than .5 watts each. That tank also looks to be at least a 20 gallon tank, 16" tall.

In my experience this light may, and I have to stress the 'may', get you growing some taller already established plants. If you were thinking a carpet or starting with tiny plants and growing them I would put money that they will mostly all die in a matter of weeks. If they don't die they will never get to their full potential. These lights don't have enough power in this quantity to get to the deepest parts of the tank. I wouldn't try real plants with any tanks deeper than about a foot, probably 14" max with the cheaper LED lights. You may get some decent growth at the very center of the tank but, again, wouldn't expect much with this light. I do have a 48" LED light bar that is from ebay or where ever on a 33L that is doing fine. However this is only like 13" deep and the light bar is as long as the tank and has well over 150 LED lights. all the plants in this 33L are also purposefully low light plants.

This is all from my experiences and assumptions that companies making this lid are not putting anything super nice in their products as these are for the regular users. not us addicts that want the plants to be alive as well.

In short, without more info, don't grow anything with that light. Get something you know will work. I did this, trial and error, I burnt a good $50 (probably more) in plants because of my lighting situation.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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