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Will this heater keep my oscar alive on a single cold night

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Ok guys i got 25 watt heater from dad i need to keep my oscar alive it is 100litre i think something tank will this help th survive 1 cold night? Only chance i hav i can only get a new heater tomorrow
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dont worry guys i fixed i put powerhead in main tank with 100wat heater then made it go to my 5 gallon with a 25 watt faulty heater it heats water only to 20 degres it is broke i may think then wat i did was make a simple overflow with 2 bottles and a tube going to the main tank so both tank at stable temp :D i fixed them big guys till i get new heat :) thanks guy
so i read the title of the thread i was i was thinking this was a old post from december or something, cus its almost may and i don't think peoples homes get cold enough in may to worry about temps.

then i saw who had posted it and it all came together. lol any way glad you got it fixed.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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