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Will this even work?

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Tank: 36gal AGA bowfront
Filtration: Rena XP3
Lighting: Coralife Aqualight T5 (one colormax and one 6500k)
Substrate: see pics below

Flora: (6)Amazon Sword, (2)Anubias Nana, (3)Anubias Lancelota, (2)Tropica Crypts (I think)

No fauna yet. Will be used as a breeder/growout tank for a pair of angels I have. I bought the full setup for a steal from Craigslist, and just couldn't let the light basically go to waste over an empty tank. Plus, it's in my bedroom, and I'm a woman. I need pretty.

On to the pics:

That's beach glass in the "planters". I was thinking a root tab or two when needed pushed into each would work? Would changing out the lower, smaller particle glass for something along the lines of Flourite be better recommended than the root tabs? Would dosing any ferts be needed as well as either of those (root tabs/Flourite)?

Any other criticisms/comments/random thoughts you'd like to add, I'd love to hear 'em.
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That looks very good, and you only have low light, so you should be able to relax and not worry about big algae problems. I think I would put a fertilizer tablet or capsule down in each planter, rather than dosing the water. Flourite would probably work better than the crushed glass, but it just looks so good this way.
Cool. I'll try root tabs and see how it goes. Heck, if it ends up not working so well, I can always switch it to Flourite later on.
You should introduce some Otocinclus sp. to keep the algae at bay in this kind of set up.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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