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Here is a copy and paste of the description in the ebay auction:

NOTE: This is a PRIVATE AUCTION, User Names or ID / Email Addresses will NOT be shared with anyone but the buyer and seller.
- INCLUDES: CO2 Regulator, Powered Solenoid, 6' Grounded Power Cord, 10' of 1/4" Tubing -

- Added to your garden, CO2 can increase Plant Growth by up to 50% -

- Carbon Dioxide is used by Plants during Photosynthesis to make Sugars, which may either be consumed in respiration or used as the Raw Material to produce other organic compounds needed for Plant Growth and Development -

- Use with a programmable Timer to manage timed cycles or a Digital CO2 Controller (controller recommended) -

- The precision flow-gauge can release between 1/2 and 15 SCFH of CO2 per hour (Standard Cubic Feet per Hour) -

- How to get the CO2: We sell Empty Cylinders (sold Separately from this listing). As for filling the Tanks with CO2, Beer Distributors and Compressed Gas Suppliers are two popular places. A 20lb will typically cost between $15 and $25 to fill. Most modestly-sized Grow Rooms would use the 20lb Tank within a month -

- This CO2 Regulator will fit any standard CO2 Tanks that typically come in 8, 20, and 50lb sizes. All you need is a Wrench -

Item: 160686723189

I think the auction/item is designed for some kind of indoor grow house however I would like to use something like this for my planted fish tank.


Lets say combined with this:

as well as this


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Can it work? Only very poorly. It is designed for greenhouse use where they pass lots of gas. That makes the flowmeter really nearly useless for us as we trickle gas into the tank. Probably not fast enough to move the flowmeter.
The reg is made to fit a standard [email protected] tank using CGA 320 size fittings. However the paintball tank is different so you would need and adapter to use the small tanks. They can be far more expensive to refill than larger tank so it depends on how much CO2 you will use before the cost of gas and the time/effort to refill makes the small not usable. A few use the small tank and they work fine but not for larger aquariums.
The bubble counter is what I like to use. I run it inline using simple airline tubing . I find it doesn't get broken as often when it is on flexible tubing rather than hard plumbing which can snap off.
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