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will this co2 set up work for aquariums

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his is a hydro farm co2 unit i used for growing hydroponic tomatoes .Can this be used for aquarium use if i hooked up a diffuser to it.


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Did you ever try growing tomatoes on a hoizontal trellis to maximize overhead light exposure? Just something I'm thinking of trying.
I fixed the photo i think.No i haven't attempt what you speak of but would give it a shot...
No it won't work. For aquarium use you need extremely low flow rates, much lower than that device can give you. That's why a regulator and needle valve are needed, and why the flowmeter is useless for an aquarium setup.
Hydroponic tomatoes..... sure. Everybody loves tomatoes..... lol. Glad you asked this question as I was wondering the same thing.
i see alot of these regulators on CL here in the SF bay area :D
and i have always wanted to know if they would work
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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