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Will this be too much light with diy co2

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Im planning on getting some Lights for my 30G, While im in Hongkong..
im planning for 142W Giving me 4.7WPG 2x36 X 2x36

Diy Co2, and EI dosing.. im afraid for algae bloom, as i Never had any Algae blooms yet =D
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Try 1/2 the lighting, you'll get 1/2 the algae and have things take 2x as long before trouble starts if you neglect things.

2 w/gal for PC's is plenty grow any plant you might desire.
Why spend lots for lighting, then go cheap on CO2?

I did, but I wished I'd never done that looking back.
Still, it made me really focus and look at CO2 a lot more than other folks where and it helped show me why and how CO2 related to algae and growth more than if I'd just used gas tanks.

Took me 3 years to get everything working the way I wanted to master it completely though.

Algae is not a big deal, you kill it, clean the tank good, correct things, make sure you keep up on the CO2.

Less light= less CO2 demand and more flexibility.

Tom Barr
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oo i see, Thanks alot man
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