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Will the video card in an Asus Essentio CG5275-AR003 work for starcraft II?

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Im going to be buying this cpu anyway but just want to know if I should purchase a better card when I get the cpu?

Here is the CPU.

Here is what I was thinking

Any thought or suggestions?
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So its an on-board vid card? I would say pick up a separate vid card like you had looked at for any type of gaming...unless its solitaire lol. I used to game rather hardcore, been a few years now though. Long live Everquest. And of course SC1 and CS Source lol.
I don't see why not. It doesn't take much to run Starcraft II and Starcraft along with every other game out there. Of course you can opt for the higher brand video cards but that one will work fine. 256MB RAM video cards and
above will work.

The Tower setup above on the first link with it's original Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500(Which I believe is 256MB at minimum or 512MB), would be able to run Starcraft II and Starcraft also. Just that you'll have crappy medium graphic performance, Rather than crisps clean pixels.

Blizzard's statement.

Minumum Requirements
GFX: GeForce 7/8 Series or Radeon 1000/2000 with 256 MB RAM
CPU: Pentium 4
Internet: ADSL 1 Mbit

Recommended Requirements
GFX: GeForce 8000 or Radeon 2000 series with 512 MB RAM
CPU: Core 2 Duo or Athlon X2.
Internet: ADSL 3 Mbit

Optimal Requirements
GFX: Geforce 9000er or Radeon 3000er Series
CPU: Core 2 Duo 3 GHz or Athlon X2
RAM: 2GB with DualChannel mode
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I use the 9800GT and it runs anything I want pretty much lag free depending on settings. Most newer games I run on medium with no big issues.

Nice card, but outdated.
I have got to think that it will work fine even in its from the factory configuration. I tried playing SCII on my 6 year old acer with only 2gb ram and (I think) a 256ghz processor! You wouldn't believe how frustrating that was, not only slow and (from what I say online and in the instruction booklet) the lowest graphics setting.

My knowledge about computers is very limited. I think from what I have read in the specs for the CPU and the video card that the CPU has a 400w power supply and the video card needs a 350w. Also would I just put the new card in one of the slots that are in the back of the CPU and then plug my scree into that?

Just trying to kill two birds with one stone and order them both, from the same place.
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