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Will shrimp eat live foods?

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Will shrimp eat things like microworms or white worms? I am curious since people feed blood worms and other frozen foods.
My primary concern is that they would not try to eat them since shrimp seem to prefer eating dead stuff.
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It depends on the shrimp IME. I had some ghost shrimp in a small tank that ate live blackworms.
I feel like ghost shrimp are more predatory than most dwarf shrimp, especially the ghost shrimp sold as feeders. I was wondering about shrimp like RCS or crystals specifically. They seem to ignore living things but will eat dead things like other shrimp or snails.
My neos don't eat anything that swims around. Tanks are full of daphnia, copepods, nematodes, planaria, etc.
Shrimp will eat anything dead, if you don't notice a dead one the others are cannibals and devour the dead one. Watched one die and others immediately jumped,on him and snackd

Yeah I have seen shrimp start showing interest in another shrimp in a matter of minutes after it has died. Same for snails. White worms do not live in water for too long, so maybe I could put some in there and wait for them to drown. Or maybe freezing some would be a better idea? That way anything else mixed in the culture will be killed as well.
Mine go after what makes it pass the fishes.
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