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Will additional red light cause emergent type plant growth when grown under water.

The reason I ask is I have been using a 75 gallon tank with 6 t5hos in the past and co2.

About a month and a half ago I turned off 2 bulbs only using 4 bulbs and added 4 strips of smd 5050 plant grow bulbs. 5red to 1 blue...

I have noticed in particular ludwigia patannal growth similar to emersed but still about 5-8 inches underwater.

I believe that if certain condions are met a plant will change its growth from submersed to emersed but is red light a major factor???.

As a side not this tank has reduced alot of algae with the addition of these lights but this may be do to other factor ie less light and a proper light to co2 balance
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