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Will Purigen remove organic based ADA supplements?

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I ordered some ECA or efficient acid complex from ADG and wanted to order phyton-git too but they were out. ECA contains iron and "organic acid" which I assume is humid acid... I don't know what exactly it is in there.

I just realized that there is a good chance that my purigen could totally remove all of the organic acid.... Probably not the iron but most likely the organic acid (whatever that is) and if I had ordered the phyton-git I'd imagine it would remove whatever organic stuff is in there, too. I'd imagine it would remove the hormones in green gain, too....

Amano doesn't use purigen or anything similar to it... Or rather his company doesn't make something like it or recommend its use, so for him/his company there is no issue, but for me I feel like I'm just removing what I'm adding.

I run 350 ml's of purigen on my 60-P, and if my idea or correct then I don't think the 1 ml of ECA added weekly has a chance....

I ordered it last week and it was shipped today. Should I just sell/trade it on the swap n shop? The purigen stays.
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Here is the info page from Seachem. I use it in my planted tanks that are dosed and haven't had any issues.
I have read the seachem page and am not worried about issues, because I know that nothing will be harmed if the purigen absorbs the organic acids (humid acid? Tannins?) from the ECA, and I know it won't absorb the iron in the ECA, but I feel like I'm wasting my money if Im dosing something that the purigen will absorb anyway.

I have no idea exactly what is in ECA, so I can't ask Seachem if it absorbs it specifically. I would think that the purigen would absorb any organic acids since mr absorbs tannins.
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