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Hello, I've been battling some black thread/BBA looking algae over the past few weeks and think I need to change my approach. I've been trying to read all through this site to create the best plan on fighting it off now, as well as setting myself up to keep it away as best I can in the future.

A quick note about the setup... It's a tall tank (24") and I have a HOB filter on the left side and a Fluval 307 on the right. It has the weaker lights that came with the setup and No CO2.

A few things that I think are contributing to the algae... the tank is set up pretty close to a South facing window and can get a ton of indirect sunlight throughout the day. Also, with this being my first planted tank learning the dosing amounts has been a challenge, plus not having any CO2 and using Excel has been tricky.

I've been doing the pipette method of Excel straight to the algae and it works for small spots but once that algae turns red and dies new stuff just takes its place.

So here's my plan...

1. Remove all of the Pennywort and the large Amazon Sword. (The Jungle Val, Anubias, and Ludwigia Repens don't have anything on it yet.)
2. Trim off the severely effected leaves and try to scrape off as much algae as I can from the leaves that are still healthy.
3. Soak the remaining plants in a bucket with fresh water mixed with 5 ml./gallon of Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) for 5-10 minutes.
4. Then remove the plants and soak them in another bucket with clean water with dechlorinator at 3x the rate as recommended for a few days.

Now a few follow up questions...
1. Does my dosage of Hydrogen Peroxide look right? Math is not a strong suit of mine.
2. Does the time spent in the solution look right?
3. Once in the clean water bucket is it okay that there won't be any filtration or water movement?
4. Should I keep this bucket in another room where there will be no indirect sunlight?

I really appreciate everyone's input and help!!!


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