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I have a newly started 20 gallon long tank that I moved everything into from a std 10 gallon that sprung a leak T-T. Everything is basically DIY except for the actual tank, a power head and an internal filter (that Ill probably be upgrading to an external canister soon). Other than that Ive made everything including a CO2 reactor (copied design from a chinese product on Ebay) that gets pretty close to 100% efficiency. Anyway, 20 gallon long tank (30"x12"x12")and Im running 4x24" 17w (68w total) T8 8000k fluorescent bulbs from 2 electronic ballasts...anyway...I want to know if I will be successful in growing a few plants. Ill list everything again for convenience...

Tank: 20 Gallon Long (30"x12"x12") (1 wk old, 11/18/2009)
Substrate: Activ-Flora/Floralite (should have gotten black, lake gems, or red)
CO2: DIY ~~1 bbs
2x50w heaters
No Ferts (yet, will use API Leaf Zone)
Lighting: 4x24" 17w 8000K T8s
Fauna: 7 Neon Tetras
5 Zebra Danios
3 Otos
2 Black Mystery Snails, 2 Ivory Mystery Snails (poop machines!!)
pH: 7.4
Ammon: --
NOs: -- Im doing water changes every other day because my tank hasnt cycled yet...Im going to change it to weekly in 2 wks probably

Flora: Dwarf Hairgrass (thriving-new growth and spreading already)
Java Moss (thriving-new growth already) so not worried about those 2...
Dwarf Sagittaria (not sure yet, it seems to have gone into shock, some leaves are yellowing but the young growth seems fine)

I want to add some:

Dwarf Baby tears, glossostigma E. and duckweed...will they grow in my current set up? or will i need to go to PCF lighting...prolly a 2x55w set up..

dont want to spend the money if its not needed

thank you all for ANY USEFUL input

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With the amount of light that you have, you will need to dose fertilizers for sure (API Leaf Zone is only a micronutrients mix). You will need to dose macronutrients as well (NPK). The most economical way to go about doing this is with bulk fertilizers.

For the plants that you want to add, they should all do fine under your current conditions; however, do note that you will need to add macronutrients, as was already mentioned.

As an aside, I would not add Duckweed to your tank; it will take over the surface of your tank so quickly, that you will regret adding it to your tank in the first place!
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