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Will I have to raise the KH or GH of my water for CO2?

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My new tank set up has a KH of <1 dKH and GH of 3.

I am going to be setting up a pressurized co2 system and am a bit concerned about my water quality. Should I buffer my water a bit and if so what is the best /easiest/most reliable/stable way to do this.


Oh, the pH is 6.8 if that's any help. If I use the KH/pH chart for dosing CO2, I think I would need only to bring the pH down to 6.4 to get 20-30ppm. I may not need a lot of Co2 if that's the case.

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You don't have to raise the KH. But it will make it a bit more forgiving if you raise it just a bit.
What do you suggest rexx??
And is my assumption about pH change at kh right, to set a goal for ph 6.4?

I'm reading your site (again) rock! :)

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