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Will I be okay?

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I have a layer of laterite at the bottom of my 20 tall, an inch of regular, small sized gravel, and then an inch-2 inches of flourite. I'll have 3.25 WPG and dose micro/macro ferts.

Will this substrate be okay?
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The laterite/flourite mix would be the only thing needed. The small gravel really isnt there for aestetics(spl) as it is a middle layer. IMO, I would remove that completely as it is doing nothing. But it does sound fine as long as you like the looks of it.
The gravel was a mistake, and I didn't want to tear down the whole tank because of it.
Yeah then I think you should be fine. The flourite and the laterite will give the nutrients. I made the mistake with mixing gravels(good thing it was black gravel and flourite lol).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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