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Will HC grow in sand?

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I am planing to use bright sand as my substances and create a iwagumi type. I have two questions:
First question: would hc will grow in sand? What other foreground plants will do well in sand?
Second question: After like a week or two the sands turn brown, I don't like the looks of it. What should I do? vacuum it?
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HC will grow in sand. Quite nicely, I might add.

Congrats on deciding to use Bright Sand, that stuff is amazing.

I'd vaccuum, as the brown sand you describe is definitely not normal. Maybe you have diatoms?
it might be hard to keep the hc rooted in sand.. cause its soo light
Rain did this.. She attached it to mesh to keep it easily controlled and weighted down.

I'm guessing Diatoms are on the sand, Have any MTS?

The sand looks like it has a tan to it. Maybe just dirt?? Did rain just tie the HC with the mesh?
Although bright sand is decorative sand and is not intended to plant in. It will grow. Why are you using just bright sand and not Aquasoil. The substrate will eventually not be seen if you plan on doing an all HC tank.
I really like the color of the sand and the stone together thats why I am using sand not aqua soil, plus I can vacuum the sand and not worrying about it.
I think its a bad idea. Its just not meant for that purpose. Like I said don't you want it to be covered with HC? You eventually won't be able to see the substrate.
HC won't grow as fast and plus I could always trim it....:hihi:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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