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Will Epsom Salt kill my jungle vals?

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One of my discus is constipated and discus experts have advised me to put epsom salt into my tank (1 tablespoon per 10 gallon into a 60 gallon tank). They even suggested that I do the dose again after 4 hours.

Will this kill my jungle vals? Or is Epsom salt different from regular salt?
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I think adding that amount of salt to a planted tank is a risk I wouldn't take. Epsom salt differs from Aquarium salt in that it is high in magnesium which is not a problem in small amounts.
If you can, I would treat the fish in a quarantine / hospital tank.
The word, "salt" (mineral) may confuse some.

Espom salt is Magnesium Sulfate, no Sodium like aquarium/table salt (Sodium Chloride).

The Sodium is the main thing you want to avoid for plants and some fish species. So Espom salt is safe.

The Magnesium in it does raise the GH (general hardness) though. I never looked into Vals, but I believe they can handle hard water just fine, so no issues with using Epsom salt then.

The Espom salt will provide ions/electrolytes for better redox and osmoregulation (which will help with bloating/fluid retention)

To put aside the chemistry part of it, just think of it as you are giving electrolytes (epsom salt) to your fish so it can perform bodily functions efficiently.
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Good aeration at one tablespoon per 10 gal would be my plan.
Would perform water change at 24 hour's after initial dose and see if second round would be needed.
Epsom salt should work fairly quickly at reducing bloat or swelling.
Would try and wean the fishes off bloodworm's and or Beef heart which in my view could contribute to bloating.
Plenty of variety with respect to commercial food's being offered these day's .
If poop the fishes begin passing with the Epsom salt treatment look's grey/white and or stringy, I might also search out or prepare my own medicated food for possible intestinal worm(s).
Just my two cent's.
The word, "salt" (mineral) may confuse some.

Espom salt is Magnesium Sulfate, no Sodium like aquarium/table salt (Sodium Chloride).
This is an important point that a lot of people seem to have missed in their high school chemistry class.
Salt is not a single chemical. Salt is a category of chemicals.
When they put salt on the roads, it is Calcium Chloride/Magnesium Chloride.
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