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will CRS eat ____ algae?

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what kinds will they eat?

in my tank i have the brown diatom algae, thread algae and BGA. there is not much of either of the three however the amount of BGA seems to grow everyday. the thread algae hasnt gone away much if at all and it seems as tho the brown algae is kept down by the CRS.
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i meant to say red cherries!! i always forget if CRS is cherry red shrimp or crystal red shrimp..
Not had CRS long enough to tell you, but RCS eat hair algae, thread algae, they pick at GDA not really eating it, and possibly diatoms, but I never had them so I can't tell you. They do not eat BGA, GSA, BBA, and clado.

I don't think you should really rely on CRS for algae control. CRS are more scavengers than algae eaters from what I have read.

Edit: O you meant RCS. ok lol. forget my comment on CRS
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