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Will Copper hurt fish

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I know it hurts inverts, does it hurt fish short/long term?
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Yes, dose makes a poison.

In general, you will kill the inverts and plants before the fish.

Tom Barr
If it's the right amount and scaleless fish are more sensitive to heavy metals like catfish, loaches, and eels.

I think the toxicity level is .4 ppm for fish.
Plants and fish seem happy, snails not so much. Thanks for the help guys
Guys if my Micro ferts has 0.53% copper (Cu-EDTA), it will hurt inverts? or that level is normal to use in fish tanks?
The amount of copper is definitely higher than in CSM+B. However, it is lower than that of Miller's, so I would say that it should be fine to use.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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