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Will CBS and CRS Interbreed?

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Will crystal black shrimp and crystal red shrimp interbreed if they are kept in the same tank? If they do what will the offspring look like?
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Yes they will breed and the offspring will either be red or black. Nothing to worry about.
Thanks, I'm not interested in the high grade shrimp anyway, I just wanted to make sure the offspring wouldn't come out solid brown or something.
they get brown stripes, but most will be either red or black
Mordalphus, do the ones that get brown stripes still have white stripes also?
Haha, I justed posted about this...just look at the page and go down a few topics/back a page.
Some cbs carry a 'chocolate' gene, that can yield brownish shrimp when mixed with crs. Some cbs supposedly don't carry it, that's why some people have interbred them w/o any resulting browness. Problem is, you won't have any idea whether your prospective cbs carry it or not.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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