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will be ready to plant soon...

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greetins oregon aquascapers,

nearly all my supplies have arrived, i am waiting only for some lava substrate. i've been doing a lot of research and think my planted tank will be predominately mosses grown on rocks using the dry start method.

depending on my schedule and remaining items to be delivered i hope to be ready to plant in two weeks.

now is the time to ask for oregon sources for these mosses...

HC, Phoenix moss, Fissidens fontanus, Christmas moss, Taiwan moss or weeping moss.

since i've never done this before any help or advice on dry start (or other) method would be greatly appreciated.

here are the threads i've been studying and propose to follow.

thanks for an informative forum.

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Fissidens Fontanus and Phoenix moss are the same.

I have Weeping Moss, Taiwan Moss, Mini Xmas Moss and Fissidens Fontanus.
thanks jkan,

i'll want all those mosses to start my tank.

and some of your crypts later after the moss is establish...

more later,

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