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Will balance destroy the algae?

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Okay, so I scored a free tank that was setup as a high light tank, but the owner didn't have much success (he wasn't dosing ferts).

There was a lot of algae covering the plants that looks like either pale green BBA, or something similar.

It pulled off really easily so I got rid of as much as I could.

So, after getting rid of as much of it as I could, I've been running the tank with reduced lighting (2 t5 bulbs) to try to keep the plants hanging in there, and now allow the algae to spread and give the shrimps and snails a chance to reduce more of the algae.

They're not able to consume enough of the algae fast enough, so my question is, when I fire up the 65w light, C02, and start dosing ferts, will the plants simply out compete the algae, or will the algae bloom again?

TIA for the help :D
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Youre going to have to keep manually removing the algae, keep up with ferts, and keep your CO2 nice and high to get your algae to slowly go away. Its easier to start with none and keep none than to make what you have go away.
Its easier to start with none and keep none than to make what you have go away.
IMO, this is one of the greatest truths of the planted tank universe.

Like goodwins said, clean off as much as possible, use H2O2 or Excel to kill BBA, and keep the CO2 levels up to keep it from coming back,
Thank you for the info! The petco close by recently got in ludwigia, so I will probably just toss out the stuff I have. I wanted to keep the wisteria, but I could always throw that out and go with cabomba instead.

The jmoss is what I wanted to keep most, since it's already attached to the driftwood, but it's probably going to be a better idea to just toss it. :icon_cry:
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